We are mother and daughter living in the dark north corner of Europe, Sweden. One of us has a long history in journalism, the other is dreaming of a future in human rights.

We are also a family of mixed backgrounds. One day the younger of us was in town looking for makeup, a foundation to be precise, only, there was none. Her skin tone was too dark. This was a wake up call for both of us.

Over the course of a few decades Sweden has transformed into a place of great diversity when it comes to skin tones. Today, this is a country full of beautiful colors, yet, cosmetic stores do not reflect that.

Our goal is simple – we want to fix this issue! We believe everyone should have easy access to makeup options that suit their beautiful, diverse skin tones.

We also want to address the questions surrounding identity, culture, and color that arise within mixed-background families. Through this blog, we aspire to provide assistance and support not only to ourselves but also to all those who share our journey.